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Dan Gillingham

My name is Dan Gillingham and I have a passion for small business. Through this web site and my blogs, I hope to share knowledge I have gained over the years and to learn more along the way.

My background through school and work is Information Technology having studied Computer Science and worked for 38 years at ExxonMobil in their IT department. My jobs over the years ranged from operations to programming to management to project management. During that time, I also ran a successful small business and last year I started a business that I shut down before selling product due to a large competitor’s new feature release (Instagram). Near the end of my employment with ExxonMobil, I began volunteering with SCORE (Service Corp Of Retired Executives – www.score.org), a resource partner with the Small Business Administration. As of 2017, I have been counseling small businesses for 5 years.  In 2015, three other mentors and I began mentoring high school business classes.  We had teams of students create a mock small business and compete in a contest similar to Shark Tank.  It was a lot of work but successful and very fun! 

My blog is arranged into categories:  “Getting Started”, “Entrepreneur Skills”, “Business Plans”, “Marketing” and “Finances”.  I welcome feedback and suggestions as this is a free sharing of ideas and experiences. As I’ve learned, there is no one right answer with small business and the more ideas and experiences we share, the better decisions we can make! Enjoy!