In a class I was teaching today, I shared a spreadsheet I created for a High School class I teach.  This spreadsheet is a demo model that I built to demonstrate how decisions around spending affect the cash flow of a business.  This spreadsheet is useful as a demonstration but it is not a cash flow that you would want to use in its current form.   That said, it does contain many of the components of a cash flow that your business might need.

Some of the elements that are less realistic and more for demonstration purposes include:

  • Staffing costs calculated as a percent of sales (although you will want to staff consistent with sales)
  • Marketing costs calculated as a cost per unit of inventory purchases.

How to use?

  • Modify the fields in yellow to project inventory, sales, retail price, services selected, etc.
  • Scroll to the bottom to see how your changes affect the cash flow (net profits, cash on hand, etc.)


Demo Cash Flow Model


Dan Gillingham is a retired executive, business owner and is currently volunteering as a small business counselor and mentor with SCORE

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